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Trace the Evolution of a Trucking Wrongful Death Story — Discovering, Developing and Delivering the Case As A Story – Part 1 – Eric Oliver, Ben Crane, Stephen Blecha & Blake Vance

June 28 @ 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM PDT

Part 1 – Follow each step taken by Chicago trial attorneys from Coplan & Crane, and consultant Eric Oliver, as they discover, develop and deliver their client’s case as a story.

See what happens when their best evidence appears to betray their trial goals. See what steps to take when focus group participants want to identify more with the driver who kills the deceased plaintiff than with her.

Follow as they discover what their case story really is—and is not—employing valuable lessons learned from focus group research, including the discovery that their “smoking gun” video evidence might be only a water pistol.

Then, review how they developed the most persuasive case story delivery, in part by leaning heavily on demonstrative visuals for maximum effectiveness.

Finally, walk through jury selection and trial of a wrongful death rear-end crash that kills a 56 year old female driver, stopped in the middle of the road just ahead of a tractor trailer truck which slams into her car. Since her death was instantaneous, there was no pain and suffering claim; however, jurors still found that $15 million was the proper value for damages.

This “first ever” Case Analysis event will be presented over two days and will include the perspective of the trial consultant as he collaborates with the attorneys at each step to discover, develop and deliver their client’s case as a story.


June 28
10:30 AM - 1:30 PM PDT