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  • August 13th – 10:30 AM PDT – Victor George  – Non-economic Damages Part 2
  • August 14th – 10:30 AM PDT – Crushing the Defense Medical Expert Med Mal School w/ Lloyd Bell
  • August 18th – 10:30 AM PDT – Roger Dodd & Sean Claggett – Cross Examination
  • August 19th – 10:30 AM PDT – Civil Rights School – Dale Galipo
  • August 20th – 10:30 AM PDT – Expert Witness Prep for Depo and Trial – Spencer Lucas & Patrick Gunning
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Victor George – Non-economic Damages Part 2

August 13 | 10:30 AM PDT

Victor George along with his cohost Dan Kramer will break down his record , $26,000,000 all non-economic damages verdict for a 16 year old who was killed when his head hit an overpass. He was on the upper deck of a Starline tours bus (Zisette v Starline). Vic will discuss his strategies for getting full justice and getting the vast majority of fault on Starline. The decedent was intoxicated at a sweet sixteen party and the parents of the “sweet sixteener” bought the forty kids on the bus alcohol. Vic will share his Zisette pre-trial /discovery strategy , his focus group enlightenment and what he changed , his mini opening statement. He will present portions of his actual opening statement, closing argument and rebuttal as well as sharing and explaining the powerPoints related to all three in reaching this “loss of love” verdict on behalf of the parents.

Crushing the Defense Medical Expert Med Mal School w/ Lloyd Bell

August 14 | 10:30 AM PDT

In the first two session of The Bell Law Firm Med Mal School, we discussed case selection and preparation of initial filings. This week, we will discuss one of the most important activities in your case, taking the defense medical expert deposition. We will discuss the architecture of the deposition, including sequencing, use of Zoom, using demonstrative evidence, presenting exhibits, and using visual timelines. We will also identify the critical questions that must be asked in every medical expert deposition, as well as the use of tone, demeanor, and rules. And we will show you how to achieve the ultimate goal of the deposition – transforming the defense expert into the plaintiff’s expert.

With deposition examples taken from the record-breaking case, Sandra Williams v. St. Francis Hospital, Lloyd Bell will show video clips of demonstrating the techniques that laid the foundation for a $26 Million verdict.

Roger Dodd & Sean Claggett - Cross Examination

August 18 | 10:30 AM PDT

Roger Dodd breaks down Sean Claggett’s cross of cardiologist Dr Jeffrey Goodman in the Sales v Summerlin hospital hypoxic brain injury.

Civil Rights School - Dale Galipo

August 19 | 10:30 AM PDT

Dale Galipo will break down the case of Casillas v. City of Frenso that involved the fatal shooting of Casimero Casillas by a member of the Fresno Police Department. Mr. Casillas was a member of the Table Mountain Indians who operate a very lucrative casino in Fresno County. The highest offer from the defense was $50,000, and the case ultimately went to trial in federal court in Fresno where Dale obtained a $4.75 million jury verdict for Mr. Casillas’ family, and was also awarded statutory attorneys’ fees and costs for a total award in excess of $5.2 million. This case began with a seat belt infraction, which led to a short vehicle pursuit, where Mr. Casillas ultimately parked his vehicle in the driveway of his home and ran into his house. Mr. Casillas was allegedly armed with a large metal pipe during the incident, significant amounts of meth and alcohol were found in his system and there were no eye witnesses to the shooting other than Mr. Casillas and the shooting officer, making the case especially difficult. Dale will be taking us from the very beginning of the case through trial and post-trial motions, including, discussing the discovery, surviving summary judgment, trial strategy, and the presentation of the case at trial. This case also presented some very unique post-trial issues. This case analysis will be co-hosted by Eric Valenzuela, an associate attorney at the Law Offices of Dale K. Galipo who second chaired the trial and took many of the involved officers’ depositions.

Expert Witness Prep for Depo and Trial

August 20 | 10:30 AM PDT

Spencer Lucas and Patrick Gunning of Panish Shea & Boyle will break down their process and methodology for preparing expert witnesses for deposition and presenting direct examinations of expert witnesses at trial. Watch game tape footage from Francisco vs. AC Transit where the PSB team will discuss the strategy that helped reach a $15.3 million verdict for their client with a back injury.

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